Full Cave Diver - TDI

This course develops advanced cave diving skills with unlimited penetration into the cave environment. This TDI course encompasses the apprentice and full cave levels.

The following are the required for this course:

1. TDI Cavern and Cave Manual

Other suggested reading materials:

  1. NACD Cavern & Cave Student Workbook
  2. NACD Art of Safe Cave Diving
  3. Basic Cave Diving – A Blueprint for Survival.
  4. CDAA - Cavern / Sinkhole Manual
  5. NSS – CDS Cave diving Manual
  6. Caverns Measureless to Man
  7. The Darkness Beckons – Martyn Farr

The following equipment is required for each student:

  1. Dual cylinders, volume appropriate for planned dive, student gas consumption.
  2. Two independent first and second stage regulators. One regulator equipped with a long hose at a
    recommended minimum length of two (2) meters / seven (7) feet.
  3. Submersible pressure gauge.
  4. Buoyancy Compensator with power inflator.
  5. Exposure suit adequate for diving environment.
  6. Mask and fins - NO snorkel.
  7. Two (2) line cutting devices.
  8. Three (3) battery powered lights – one (1) primary and two (2) back-ups, each with a with burn
    time suitable for the planned dive time.
  9. Safety reel with a minimum of thirty seven (37) meters / one hundred twenty five (125) feet of
  10. One (1) primary cave-diving reel with length appropriate for intended dive.
  11. Computer or watch (bottom timer) and depth gauge.
  12. Slate or wet notes with a pencil
  13. Submersible dive tables or back up dive computer.
  14. Three (3) directional line arrows.
  15. One (1) non- directional line marker.
  16. Gap reel with fifteen (15) meter / fifty (50) feet of guideline.
  17. It is recommended that the team properly mark decompression cylinders and stage them, in any
    dive where decompression is planned, at least one (1) stop deeper than the planned decompression

Topics include:

Certification is offered through:
Technical Diving International.

Cost - $800.00 + Books & Card ($50) + Certification Dives